I was waiting for the train to pick me up
And i waited and waited till yesterday
I called out to it and it said
“I am coming, wait a little more”
I looked at my watch
It clocked 12 midnight
I called out”Where are you?”
“Wait for me, I am on my way”
So i waited
Standing against my bed not to fall asleep
I fell asleep nonetheless
3 a.m i woke up sweating
Afraid that it had passed during my sleep
Where are you?
I am coming, wait for me am coming
I heaved with relief
And thought, ” I can sleep some more”
And i rolled up in my blankets once more
And in my dreams i could hear”am coming, wait for me, am coming”
The train’s rusty music
And so in my dreams i waited
And i slept
I woke up this morning
And i was still waiting
I called out” Are you still coming?”
“Yes, I am coming”
“No, i left you sleeping”
“No, I changed my course”
Which voice was i going to believe??
Imagine that I am still waiting
And i might wait until tomorrow
Until next year or even the next century
Don’t be surprised to find me waiting until then
Unless i realize that I also have legs
And that  I can run there
if not i can walk there
if not I can crawl there
until I know that its not the train
that its me
And that the course is the same despite the distance
Until then, i will be waiting.