I saw his status
Late at night
My heart missed a beat
I could not sleep

It was in a simple line
Easy to overlook
A quick one to dismiss
Yet heavily laden for me

He said he was stressed
Which i knew was painful
He asked God to help him
Don’t tell me we do that all the time

His words echoed back

“It is you that I love
It is you that I need
please give me a chance”

” I need someone
I love your personality
please give me a chance”
I couldn’t stop the tears

I remember his solace
His friends were drugs
His spirits,his job, his satisfaction
I measured the pain, the emptiness, and wept
I weighed the weight of his words
I sobbed

He thought I was cranked up
He thought I was nuts
And he said it, that he wanted this mad courage
Courage that would make him stop his mad habits

I knew he was no joker
For i saw it in his eyes, his respect
Yet i took him as a joker and treated him as one
I knew he was not a liar
For his words were the purest
Most innocent words
Yet i took his words to be of a liar and treated him as one

I knew he needed me
But don’t ask me why i walked away
Though he begged
I chose to walk away

Not that I forgot him
Only that he wasn’t always on my mind
But last night i saw his status
Last night i felt his pain from miles away
Last night I saw him cry in my dreams
Because i didn’t give him a chance to cry in my arms
Last night i discovered that he was also human
With feelings like me and you
Or feelings deeper than the seas

I wanted to reach out and say sorry

I wanted to kiss away his tears
I wanted to caress his pain away
I wanted to hold him in my bosom
And say its ok though it isn’t okay
And say “cheer up” though it isn’t easy

And so i reached for my cellphone
Carefully i dialled his digits
Carefully i proofread the number
But before I pressed my call button
I remembered that it was no longer the same between us
I realized that i didn’t have a word for him
And i realized I was trembling
In happenstance, a text appeared on the screen
“Please write my last poem”                                                                                                                                                       The reality hit me then
And i dropped my phone on the ground
And pieces flew in all directions
It is then i hear that he blew up himself in all directions
And i was left to write his last poem.